We went through a tough few months back in 2007 and 2008 when some of our clients decided they couldn't pay us, didn't want to pay us and were slow paying us. Because of this we had to quickly come up with ten's of thousands of dollars to pay staff out of our own pockets. During this time staff were stuck waiting for pay checks for weeks or months and quickly came up with all sorts of conspiracy theories. Some decided we were a "scam" and that our plan was to cheat them out of the hours they worked and some that Freedom Jolly wasn't my real name.

I am posting here to try and bring you up to speed and give you some current information as it is now 2010 and our business is still going strong as we connect our great staff with great clients everyday all across the USA and Canada.

My real name is Freedom Jolly and of course all the staff were paid in full once we got things organized. This is very evident by the fact that reports of none payment completely vanished after 2008 and the reason we have grown soo strong with over 40,000 staff USA and Canada and new staff being added daily, is because of the lessons we learned in 2008 about how to better handle our clients and our staff.

Of course when you are dealing with hundreds of clients and thousands of staff everything can't go perfectly all the time but we like to think that 99% of the time it does, but what we really want to make clear is that our staff get paid and they make good money for working at great events. Our staff work with our great clients, make great contacts, while working all across the USA and Canada.



Freedom Jolly, Account Manager

Office: 866-565-9939


"National Event Staffing serves corporations that require professional short term staff for promotions or other sales and marketing initiatives, great staff, great events, every time!"

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Well, now it's 2018 and it doesn't seem to work as it should yet... See my review on Yelp:


Los Angeles, California, United States #1354918


Thanks to everyone that took the time to write something kind about the great service we've been providing to our staff and clients all across the USA and Canada now since 2004 and ongoing!


To set the stage let us remind everyone that we have been in business now since 2004 assisting thousands of clients to connect with our thousands of staff and we are proud to say in total during those years we have had just a few complaints surface online, these growing pains and difference of opinions are bound to happen maybe once per year when you work with thousands of clients and staff, sometimes these are genuine concerns and sometimes these are not based on reality or facts but each and every time we try to communicate directly with our clients and staff to try and rectify each situation to the best of our abilities.


Sources of these reviews? Anyone can write fake positive reviews of their own company.

HTF do you a**holes get away with this ***? Are people in the states that gullible?


I booked work at SIGGRAPH 2012 through National Event Staffing and it was one of the best experiences I've had working a tradeshow. The client was gracious, well-organized and professional and my booker, Kyle, was also great to work with!

He was very responsive and got back to me right away including calling me to make sure I received my booking e-mail!

I'm looking forward to working with you more in the future! Thank you!


I worked an event for National Event Staffing last year for a trade show in Dallas. They were very professional and I was paid the same week.

The clients were great and it was a fun job. I would definitely work for National Event Staffing again and recommend them to my friends!

National Event Staffing


I've done a couple of Events with National Staffing. I worked with Aleksandra who posted above at the Baby Show in Toronto for Shoppers Optimum card. Very easy, great group of girls to work with and we got paid within a week in American dollars :)

I also worked the Juvenile Diabetes Walk in Streetsville. That was very fun working for a great cause being outdoors and promoting diabetes care. The pay was amazing and I again got paid within 2 weeks. You get paid by the client directly but they have always been organized and professional.

Freedom Jolly is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend this agency to anyone!


National Event Staffing

"Dear Readers,

I recently applied for an event representing the Brazilian Tourist Board at the 2010 IEEE/PES Conference in New Orleans. I was immediately contacted by Freedom Jolly with National Event Staffing and booked for this event. It was a total pleasure working with Freedom, when I had questions he was quick to respond. I was paid very well and did not have to wait 30 - 45 days. My money was deposited into my account in less then 1 week. I totally appreciated his honesty and awesome customer service. I highly recommend working with this agency and Freedom Jolly, I'm also looking forward to working for them again.


AnneMarie Spizuoco"

National Event Staffing

"Hi there!

My name is Aleksandra and I have done some work for National Event Staffing in Toronto, Canada. Just wanted to share my opinion about the staffing agency.

I have done three events so far - selling raffle tickets at a boxing match (Brampton), L'Oreal Excellence-to-go hair colour launch (Toronto), and promoting the Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card at a baby trade show (Mississauga)

My experience with the staffing agency has been very positive. Only on my first job did I experience some difficulty with the guy who hired us. It was late at night but I gave Freedom Jolly a call and he got back to me right away. Everything ended up fine and it was a good night.

For the L'Oreal hair colour launch I had a great time! I got to see the L'Oreal Academy, get my hair coloured, makeup done, got a nice shirt, got fed AND best of all got paid $300.

My most recent experience was working at the baby trade show for Shopper's Drug Mart. We didnt have to sell anything - just sign people up for an Optimum card if they didnt have one. All the girls I worked with were great and we all had a good time. There was some competition among us for who got the highest amount of sign ups but it was all in good fun. It was a 3 day show, we got some shirts and at the end some free samples. My pay was between $400 and $500! And the girl who signed up the most people, she got an additional $200!

I like how NES sends out emails about the jobs available. Spell everything out - what, where, when, $$ and if you're interested just reply with your info sheet. There's no writing a story of "why do you think you're the BEST for this job" or "what should we pick you over someone else". Its nice and easy.

Aleksandra - Brampton, ON"

National Event Staffing

"I keep receiving work offers of high value by National Event Staffing. My experience with National Event Staffing is very good so far. I am paid by the client itself in a timely manner which is very appreciated.

A thank you note to My Jolly for being so responsive and professional at all times ! And I sure look forward to working more with National Event Staffing.

Suns from Vancouver where summer has finally arrived ..."

National Event Staffing

"I have gotten a couple of gigs through National Staffing so far this year in Toronto, Ontario. The jobs were all fun and the pay was really good compared to other promo agencies.

Also I have never had a problem getting paid. I have also communicated with Mr.

Jolly and found him to be very professional and efficient. My experiences with National have been great and I hope to keep working with them in the future."

National Event Staffing

"I received a very lucrative Olympic job through National, and I feel very grateful. I did get paid very well, and I want many more jobs like that gig, and with clients who pay me when they say they will.

Freedom was a wonderful link for me, and sent all the appropriate contact information immediately, so I could contact the client. I look forward to working more gigs through National.


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