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They took over 7 months to pay me. They have fake information, Fake emails, Fake Phone Numbers and PO BOXES. Many online complaints from the USA for the most part. Also complaints on the Canadian BBB and all over the net.

And they published one of their models phone numbers, private information and fake information in retaliation for her online complaint on them. I know that is illegal and dangerous. There are many bad "Agencies" and this is one of the worst I have seen so far.

NOT Recommended To Anyone!

I see a class action lawsuit coming along. Please post your stories.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1354927

We have asked numerous times for this website to unlink this complaint here from our business name?

We provide Event Staffing

This posting seems to be something about a Mortgage and Loan company called "MGC Mortgage"?

Please stop posting here about this topic because we can only assume "MGC Mortgage" will never read this and it has nothing to do with our business.

Thank you.


Got a call from GE Capital collecting for Walmart stating that it has now been turned over to attorney Joseph Pezzuto and when I asked I have never received a letter she put me on hold after I told her that I also work for attorneys. these people need to be stoped. I also told her to stop calling me.


I was told that i paid for the extraction of two teeth and i would recieve my temporary partial immediately and then come back in four to six months for my permanent partial. But when i went back for my permanent partial they saiid i had to pay another 1400 dollars WTH how do i join the lawsuit


If there is ever a class action suit against MGC Mortgage, please, please contact me for I have a few dealings with them....Lovelyred5@aol.com


If there's a class action against Ocwen, count me in!!! Steven.lawrence161@comcast.net


i would also like to join class action law suit


Please count me in on that class action suit!!


I tried to get out of the program because I was having a real hard time passing their courses. I had spent 1.5 years to pass Art of the Western World and Now I'm on Sociology and can't get it.

I wanted out of the program because it is taking me too long to get my RN and I need a more classroom led area. They told me that I was in a contract and I had to pay the full amount, I asked "it's my loan and you don't have all the money so why can't I?" I never got a straight answer. I feel this is the worst thing I have ever done with my education and they are keeping me from becoming an RN. I should have been an RN in 2010 but can't get anywhere with this so courses.

I would be happy to be in this class action law suit. :sigh :( :?


Please keep me posted about the class action suit against Westgate. We would like to join the lawsuit.


you can email me @ karanabutler@gmail.com

Zbaszynek, Lubuskie, Poland #321345

I too was hit hard times and Chase has lost all of my paper work, denied me of a modifcation 100x, for over 2 years. Now they are demanding me to pay them 35000 for the arrears and not make payments.

I had to get me an attorney. They will not take my house.

There are over 50 programs out there and you mean to tell me I dont qualify for 1. Yeah RIGHT!

Greensboro, Pennsylvania, United States #317944




Please contact me via email, I would also like to join the class action lawsuit against WG for fraud.



My husband and I would join a class action suit in a heartbeat


I am 1 year through a 60 month non cancelling lease for a a credit card machine. my payments keep increasing with b.s.

reasons and now i am finding other random charges labeled as lease payments at random times through the month. I would like information on a law suit on them as well.


I have had the same experience with Citi Mortgage plus. I now through a law firm still am trying for a loan mod.They have ruined my credit, lost all my credit cards except one, sent paper work numerous times, get dunning notices by the week and have been told to go into foreclosure. We were current when I first applied.


we paid close to $17,000 for 4 days stay (not including any weekends) every other year. We were led to believe we had 7 days and we would be able to exchange for anywhere we wanted.

Found out we can no longer exchange at all. This is very upsetting as that is why we purchased the timeshare in the first place.

Plus the sales person knew my husband had just got back from Iraq and was drinking a vodka and orange during presentation. (we were in Vegas) (isn't that illegal in itself to send someone to sign a contract when she knew he had been drinking???)

They are a huge SCAM!


I am a westgate timeshare holder and an interested in this lawsuit. Please let me know what to do!


i would love to see citi fry for this, and i agree, any good comment about Citi mortgage is no doubt a lie. Everything about Citi Mortgage is fake.

I don't think anyone in this country got a mod. im a disabled vet and it makes me sick


Read all the complaint's. they will all be similar to your situation.

Stop with the what do i do??? there not gonna modify your home, they just say they will help. they bought insurance for your foreclosure, so they get the insurance money, sell your home, and keep all the money that that nice guy Obama gave them.

I'm sry, but wake up and see the scam! Citi will get theirs

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